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He included as well the Chileans who escaped Chile after the disaster of Rancagua, and hoteles cerca casino barcelona organized them in four units, each one of infantry, cavalry, artillery and dragoons.
"General San Martín" and "General José de San Martín" redirect here.Along NW Virginia Street.Fleet of the Pacific edit San Martín before the Congress of Buenos Aires San Martín made a new request for ships to Bowles, but received no answer.Historia Argentina (in Spanish).San Martín began immediately to organize the Army of the Andes.Some likely topics of discussion may have been a request of reinforcements, and an offer to combine the armies into a single one, with San Martín ranked second to Bolívar.San Martín could not have taken part in it, as he was already on the way to Buenos Aires.

The strategy was to occupy nearby villages, seize the royalists' weapons and flee.However, the minister of war Matías de Irigoyen ordered once more the return of the Army of the Andes, and appointed Francisco Fernández de la Cruz as its leader, displacing San Martín.Bernardo O'Higgins, who came from Los Patos pass, defeated the royalists at Las Coimas.San Martín called for an open cabildo to discuss the independence of the country, which was agreed.San Martín resigned as Protector of Peru a few days later and returned to Valparaíso, Chile.Buenos Aires seceded from Argentina as the state of Buenos Aires, dominated by Unitarians who despised San Martín.The royalists would then advance by land to the northern Chile.He established a local chapter of the Lodge of Rational Knights, named as Logia Lautaro, in reference to mapuche leader Lautaro.He began a naval career during the War of the Second Coalition, when Spain was allied with France against Great Britain, during the time of the French Revolution.
Yapeyú, Corrientes, in modern-day Argentina, he left his mother country at the early age of seven to study.
For this purpose, Belgrano proposed a plan to crown a noble of the Inca Empire as king (the Sapa Inca dynasty had been dethroned in the 16th century).

Cochrane had several disputes with San Martín.